About Tappa



Focus is on Unique

and Boutique Wineries and Distilleries 


Personalized attention

and thoughtful placements

As a domestic importer and distributor of boutique wines and spirits, we pride ourselves on two things: having intimate knowledge of each vintage we represent, and creating lasting and dynamic personal relationships with our clients. Founded in 2010, Tappa was created around the conviction that hand-to-hand work between winery, distiller, distributor, and retailer is vital to profitable success in a three-tiered system state. Featuring a carefully discerned portfolio of wines and spirits, Tappa devotes an attention to quality and detail truly rare amidst a market laden with conglomerates.


Since its inception, Tappa Distribution has made it a point to work with only a limited group of producers, ensuring the utmost in customer service and making certain no vineyard ever gets “lost in the books.” Cultivating earnest, sustained relationships with wineries, distillers, and retailers, Tappa believes thoughtful collaboration with their clients to be the cornerstone of effective partnership.


By identifying each vineyard’s or distillers unique objective and establishing a standard of distinction and decorum with the consumer, Tappa serves as the model conduit between fine wine and those who have a penchant for it.